Eco-friendly packaging that comes in your budget


With millions of tons of waste accumulating up in landfills every year, organizations as well as the customers are becoming more concerned. They want to preserve the environment and its resources. One of the best ways to do so is the use of eco-friendly packaging. It offers several benefits and the biggest one is affordability.  Whether you have a small or a large scale business, eco-friendly boxes come in your budget. They are designed by using recyclable cardboard or Kraft paper. The material is inexpensive as it is obtained from natural resources. This has made it a preferred choice industry-wide.

Clever Little Bags:

Shoeboxes account for a large percentage of waste. In 2010, PUMA, in partnership with Yves Béhar, developed eco-friendly custom packaging boxes that reduced the consumption of cardboard by 65% and carbon emissions by 10,000 tons every year. These Clever Little Bags also eliminates the need for a paper or plastic bag by providing an eco-friendly carrier tote that customers can reuse and recycle. According to PUMA, this packaging solution saves 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million megajoules of electricity, 1 million liters of oil, and 1 million liters of water each year.

 Sustainable Bagless Take-out Packaging:

In 2011, this takeaway packaging was featured as the most innovative concept. The design is affordable, focus on sustainability, and eliminates the need for the plastic carrier bag. Moreover, these recycled boxes are a much better option than unsustainable Styrofoam food containers. They produce minimal waste by packing a variety of food items together. The packaging is made from three cardboard boxes, placed one over another by the means of a chord. It eliminates the need for separate packaging for cutlery and sauces by placing everything together in the same box.

 Kraft Paper Bags:

These paper bags are another affordable eco-friendly alternative. They are made from natural Kraft packaging and can be used to pack an array of products like bread, cereals, snacks, baked items, and much more. Design them according to your branding requirements. It’s your choice whether you want to keep them in natural color or go for other attractive options. They make a better and more affordable option for a variety of products as compared to printed packaging boxes.

 Single-Strip Bulb Packaging:

Light bulbs are a product of extensive consumption and high demand. But unfortunately, a large amount of material is used to design their packaging to ensure safety. However, this concept took sustainability and affordability to the next level. The packaging is created from a single strip of cardboard, covering the bulb from all sides. This not only offers maximum protection but also displays the bulb effectively to let customers make a choice.

 Eco-Friendly Kraft Boxes for Tea:

There are a variety of packaging designs for tea but this one is a perfect mix of affordability, sustainability, and elegance. These white custom printed boxes are designed minimally by using the brand’s logo and a die-cut window. It enables the customers to estimate the quality and freshness of the product inside. It allows the customers to estimate the quality and freshness of the product inside.

 Beer Carrier:

Instead of designing large-sized corrugated boxes for carrying beer, this reusable beer carrier is a perfect solution. It is more affordable and requires less material for its production. It seems similar to brown Kraft boxes. The difference lies in its structural design. The beer carrier is created with inserts to place in the containers for an easy takeaway. Moreover, a handle at the top provides ease to the customer to effectively carry the product.

 Shipping Boxes with Inserts:

Product protection is one of the major concerns of businesses worldwide. The use of eco-friendly custom shipping boxes with inserts not only enhances the level of protection but also comes in your budget. The packaging is made from durable corrugated cardboard. The inserts are designed exactly according to the product size to allow minimal movement. The combination of packaging with inserts makes your products more presentable and enhances your brand image.

 Kraft Gable Boxes:

Gable boxes are an exceptional packaging and printing solution. They seem similar to custom gift boxes, presenting your items beautifully. They can be used to package an array of items that come to your mind. However, you might see them frequently to be used as food takeaway boxes, for the packaging of baked items and other edibles. They come up with multiple options concerning printing and designs. Gable boxes with handles are popular. They create ease for the customer to grab the packaging conveniently along with the product inside.

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