Find the perfect Facebook post types for your business


Isn’t it frustrating to send brand new posts into the world, and find out the next day they’ve done ‘okay?’ They just won’t do ‘okay!’ Probably Facebook is the most popular social platform out there and you can be sure people have tried it all. Every conceivable format was checked but all those that actually worked are here.It’s an impossible task to come up with something new every day, and not always rewarding. Without further ado, here are 15 styles of Facebook posts that you must try if your audience wants to see more engagement:

1. Video:

Many advertisers have made claims that video is 2017’s hottest marketing phenomenon. There’s so much space for imagination, so many ways to apply it to your industry that you just need to try and incorporate video into your feed. Offer something worthwhile to your fans in the form of educational or video entertainment.Spark a conversation by showing something they haven’t seen before, give them a chance to walk away learning something.

The videos that you share can be educational, entertaining, and promotional, displayed as stories or just snips of interest. Whatever type of video you want, make sure that you remain in your niche and share something interesting about it.

2. Photos/Images:

Human beings are visual creatures, we easily understand images and their meanings, and in the long run, we remember them much better. Facebook posts with images, it turns out, are getting 2.3X more engagement than posts without images. That is because our brain is much quicker in processing images than plain text. Don’t keep from visuals. Instead of telling, show when you see a good opportunity. Any industry from which you come can present information in some visual form. Don’t stop over there. Create a series of images, tell stories, and use photographs, illustrations, and other images to offer your audience something unique and thus inspire more engagement.

3. Text:

Though photos are worth one thousand words, never underestimate the power of writing. If you have something worthwhile to say, share it with your audience anyway.

Everything worth sharing is updates, insights, facts, and simply interesting thoughts. Done forget to add evergreen content for marketing in your writings. Interchange your posts to include text and visuals; a mix of the two will go a long way towards helping you connect.

4. UGC or other people’s content:

For many notable brands, the content generated by the user has worked. Think of your business, of the product or of the service you deliver. Sharing content made by those who are satisfied consumers gives you credibility and is an ideal way to sell goods. Besides that, you are also working to build a community around your brand/product. Another tactic is to share content with other people. If your page is doing a good job with the brands and people you’re following, reap some of those benefits! Share news stories, or current affairs you think are important and worth sharing with you.

5. Blog posts:

You probably have a company blog where you’ll share more insights with your followers and useful tips. To integrate your blog posts into your social media strategy, if you follow a schedule. Combine this with catchy graphics, and watch flow-in responses. Do you have a blog? Do some research and repost other popular websites and blog posts related to your company. Your feed will encourage your guests, and use the opportunity to prove you’re versatile. Blogs are something that can be read anywhere by anyone irrespective of ages and demographics.

6. Podcasts:

Youngsters like podcasts. Why? Why? Since the podcast is a collection of useful information supplied to us in bits of bite-size. On every imaginable topic, there are so many podcasts out there-do some research. Find issues that could somehow be connected back to your brand or company and share it with your followers. The thing about podcasts is if they’re successful and people like them, they’re going to like it and want to share it with friends and family. Podcasts are typically informative and if you can tap into the subjects your listeners and followers are interested in, you have a winner.

7. Inspirational quotes:

Inspirational quotes work well for communication because when people see something that encourages them, something to which they can relate, they feel the need to spread the word instantly. If you conduct the presentation well, you will be getting loads of reposts. It is also very simple to do. Simply find quotes you think your followers will be popular with and use a graphic editor to bring them to life in a more esthetically pleasing manner. Simply posting a quote does not do the trick, but using Crello, when your designs look professional, will dramatically change the way your followers interact with comments.

8. Bucket lists post- (Fill-in-the-blanks):

People are motivated by their hopes, their goals, and their objectives. Inviting responses to the bucket list is a fast way to get people talking. Think about your line of work the most prominent and exciting thing, find a fitting image, and share it as part of your bucket list. Ask people if they support your cause, to like and share. The form of the post which is difficult to miss is to fill in the blanks. You create a sentence with a missing word (but not too open-ended) that really encourages people to share their stories with their short answers by participating. People who contribute to these kinds of posts feel as though they are part of a larger community. We communicate, comment, and like each other’s reactions.

9. Funny Memes:

Rely on humor to get shares and likes. People are on the lookout for some giggles on Facebook and if you can do so with style without turning your page into a meme feed, do so by all means.

Find memes that may be relevant to your business in some way. Every industry still has jokes inside, so make the most of them!

10. Inspirational Images:

Inspirational images appear to catch the eye. These are also images that make you look twice and inspire people to share it with their friends and family in return.If you can tap into a great aesthetic to bring unity to your visual content, when they come to your page, you’ll give people something to look forward to. Keep a clear visual style, and watch your commitment grow by the week.

11. Questions:

What better way to get your audience into a conversation than open-ended questions? If you can find a way to get people to take part in some minor decision-making, do it and they will feel you are considering their views. You can also post the frequently asked questions, and get other followers to offer their ideas, advice, and personal answers to people. Not only do you get more engagement but you also help your customers and followers indirectly.

12. Quizzes:

Quizzes are so much fun to make as to be interested in it. It’s a fun job you have to do and the returns on your time and energy are instantly seen by interaction with the audience. Quizzes often result in emotional responses and provoke conversation among participants more often than not. The trick to big quizzes is to pair instructional materials with a bit of fun.The ultimate goal is to offer something to your followers that they can relate to.

13. Call to Action:

The psychology of calls to action is clear — people feel compelled to respond when asked explicitly to do so. If you say “If you agree with X, like this,” you are encouraging a reaction. Anyone who is not indifferent to your cause probably will answer. A good tip to remember is not to overdo it with calls for action.It might be a little sales and people could feel like you’re pushing interaction. Using them sparingly, for a major reason.

14. Infographics:

Bring them into your social media plan if you have a designer on the team! Do some research into your businesses related section, and explain your ideas rather than stating them as evidence. Infographics are getting mad shares and likes. One of the reasons is that they are extremely informative with interesting illustrations and support the text. Facebook is the ideal forum for spreading the word when you make in-house infographics.

15. Tips:

You have been in your company for a while chances. Useful tips to share with your audience. Ask questions, advice, and post your top tips to assist your followers. It’s a quick and simple way to get your fans and followers educated, informed, and engaged. If you’ve tried some of these and haven’t got the results you expected, then mix them and match them! For the right approach, the most important tip is to always remain relevant. Don’t post just any picture and expect interaction, or infographics not relevant to your company and other materials that may appear random.

Also try to find ways to tie your Facebook posts to your company, product, or service. Don’t go too far because it might not make sense and look like you’re trying too hard to get likes and shares.

Close in with your business, get creative, and watch your commitment grow by trying new things out. Don’t settle for ‘okay’ posts and note that finding a way to be relatable is the first rule for further interaction.

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