Everything you need to know about Bubble Wrap Rolls and Packaging


What is Bubble Wrap?

Bubble Wrap is a supple transparent plastic material that is generally used for the packaging of delicate and fragile items. Evenly placed air-filled protruding small bubbles providing the necessary cushioning needed for sensitive objects. It was accidentally invented by two engineers – Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. Since its accidental discovery bubble wrap has become the most popular packing material. The best part of bubble wrap is the aftermath fun of popping the bubbles once its original purpose is fulfilled. Kids and adults around the world find immense satisfaction and pleasure with this simple activity and I am sure everyone of us has enjoyed it one time or another in our lives.

Types of Bubble Wrap 

Due to its multiple and diverse uses, bubble wrap comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the utility of it. Bubble wrap can be purchased in various forms such as bags, sheets and bubble wrap rolls. Some of the common types of bubble wrap are:

Large: Comes with large bubbles

Small: Comes with small bubbles

Bubble wrap bags: Handy pouches ideal for smaller items

Anti-static: Specially made for ESD (Electro-static Discharge) sensitive items

Self Adhesive: Used for extremely sensitive items and also leaves no residue

Biodegradable: Environmentally friendly for no plastic footprint

Advantages of Bubble Wrap Packing 

Excellent protection against impacts

Bubble wrap does its primary purpose of keeping goods safe and secure exceedingly well. Its intelligent design of sealed air bubbles provides a flexible yet sturdy barrier that easily absorbs the shocks and impacts during the transit. The bubble wrap is so reliable that if you double or triple the layer, it can withstand severe impacts as well.


Once you are done with your bubble wrap, do not simply throw it away. As long as the air inside the bubbles is still there, you can reuse the bubble wrap packing again and again. This makes it the most economical as well as eco-friendly packaging material than most of the other packaging materials as the latter cannot be reused. When compared to other packing materials, bubble wrap offers really big potential cost savings for companies.

Extremely lightweight 

Bubble wrap is possibly the lightest packing material out there in the market. Its basic structure is just air with a couple of plastic layers around it. This makes bubble wrap probably the lightest material available for packing. Its feather-like weight translates into potential savings in transportation costs, especially when shipping in bulk.


Lightweight and reusable are not the only 2 attributes which makes bubble wrap a great choice but it is cost-effective as well. When compared to other packing materials bubble wrap is really cheap and since it can be reused, potential future costs can be saved. Businesses which deal in large and bulk shipments can stock up on bubble wrap rolls and can effectively reuse it for many shipments.

Amazingly versatile 

The best thing about bubble wrap is that it is extremely versatile. Bubble wrap can protect and insulate almost any kind of cargo. It can be tailored into any form you want with a simple pair of scissors. It is pliable enough to be effectively wrapped around any oddly-shaped object and provide the necessary protection.

Great stress reliever 

We all know this, that popping those airy bubbles is something no one can ever resist. Bubble wrap, at the end of the end is simple, pain fun. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety as there is a sense of relief and pleasure when popping those lovely bubbles. For many customers, it is an add-on with their item which they can reuse or pop out the bubbles to their heart’s content.

With over 60 years of existence, bubble wrap has effectively earned its place as the go-to option for packing material. It is still great for protection against impacts as when it was first used commercially. The demand and value of bubble wrap has since then sky-rocketed and never looked back. In the past couple decades as ecommerce boomed and exploded bubble wrap is being used increasingly and we see no possible future where its use or demand will decrease.

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