The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Alerts During COVID-19


COVID landed on humanity as havoc that halted everything we did in our lives. Businesses, social lives, economy, and everything that human beings knew to be a common part of their lives was brought to its knees. Businesses were the most affected elements of any society due to this deadly outbreak. Every business has faced the results of the pandemic as reduced sales and no profits generation. But this time has enforced upon the businesses to keep trying harder to stay in front of customers and let them know that you STILL exist. There are some do’s and don’ts of digital marketing that you must know and follow to stay afloat in the future.

There has been a greater need for the right marketing tactics to let the customers and potential; clients know that you will resume as other businesses and markets resume with time. You need to pay a good amount of focus on how you are marketing your products and services as this will matter a lot while letting your clients and customers know that they can trust you and find you in the future as well.

A well-planned marketing strategy will help you save the bottom line of your business. The following do’s and don’ts of digital marketing will help you execute the marketing strategies in the best way possible. Try each one of them to soothe down this time of panic and uncertainty.

Have empathy while you communicate online:

Using love and trust for your business communication will help save you and your client’s energy. These times when being indoors is the new norm, people are majorly on social sites and basically on the online space. Being insensitive for business in such a  time is a total NO, NO. you need to let people believe in you and know that you care. In your online communications may it be a reply to an email or a comment on social media, you need to e extra sensitive about what notions you are spreading out there to people who are already scared to their roots. Apart from this don’t try to sell everything on urgency or in flash sales. This will move you down the drain so fast and so permanently that coming back up for your business will almost be impossible.

 Provide free resources:

This time is when people need affection and care the most. You can lessen the worry form people’s minds by playing your part. As an online business, you can offer free trials and other resources that will prove to your customers that you care. It is one of the most persuasive ways of marketing and building a positive impact online. Providing free trials will let clients and customers try out your products and be motivated to eventually buy if they find it worthy and even more, suggest to friends and family. This will let you grow through word of month. You can massively upsell through providing free trials and discounts as it will also help you in growing shortly.

Continue going strong on leads generation:

One of the ways in do’s and don’ts of digital marketing is to not initiate any new marketing techniques but going strong on lead generation will still benefit. You can use this time to grow digitally and reach new leads daily. These leads will help you in making sales in the future when everything settles down. Any potential customer is in the right stage to go through the leads funnel and you can avail the opportunity. Let them stay in the funnel while they are at your site and leave it upon them to make the final decision whenever they feel ready. By keeping your approach gentle and using focusing on your leads can help you make sales shortly. Lead generation is all about helping your potential customers out in something before you can ask anything in return and this is all about taking the first step ahead.

 Focus on content:

People of the present century were already consuming content more each day. But due to the lockdown, this consumption has heightened to newer levels. There is a great upscale of content consumption as more and more people are always online. Now as everyone has more time to focus and look out for errors in content online, you will have to be keen enough to make your content creative, new, sharp, and attractive. You have no room to lose potential customers. You can also try adding credible resources for the information you are sharing as this will help in making you a credible source of information as well. You must make sure that you do not make any kind of errors in your content online as every potential customer can be an opportunity lost if you do so.

Active communication:

These times are tenser and people are looking for ways to soothe their exploding thoughts. You can avail of this opportunity and fill your brand communications with love and empathy. This is one of the major tips in do’s and don’ts of digital marketing in the times of lockdown. You must be able to analyze what your customers are looking for by knowing the state of the customers, their browsing history, and also by predicting what they are looking for. By reaching out to people with products they need, you can maximize your chances of becoming their favorite and hence increase sales. Don’t be a business talking back to the customers, but be a human being with similar thoughts and empathy as any other human would. By doing so you will be able to show that you care.

Focus on your local SEO strategy:

Being available to customers locally will help you maintain your sales even in the times of COVID. One of the most benefiting tips in do’s and don’ts of digital marketing is to be visible to your local clients. You need to make sure that you get your business listed in any free business listing site in USA such as HighFive Listings that will help you be searchable for local clients and customers. You will have enough exposure through listing sites which won’t let your sales drop to the lowest.

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