Five Best Ways To Prepare For A Spelling Test


As children grow and proceed in their life, as well as in their academics, their challenges grow with them too, and life offers them with much more difficult hurdles to cross.

The challenges encountered by your child in his academics, specifically in spelling learning can be tackled through some of the tactics including spellquiz, a website that provides your child with different levels of spelling words, activities and lessons to improve their vocabulary and comprehension. This effective webpage will allow your child to face heightened challenges of vocabulary tests, such as 8th grade spelling tests with ease.

Below are mentioned five effective strategies that will help your child with his 8th grade spellings words.

1) Pyramid Words 

Let your child get innovative with the  tactics to learn his / her spelling test words by making pyramids out of spelling words by starting with the first letter backed by other letters in the word.

For example : Word danger can be shaped into a pyramid just like this.


            D A

           D A N

         D A N G

       D A N G E

     D A N G E R

 Writing a spelling word in a pyramid fashion follows a repetitive pattern of letters which enhances the ability to learn the spelling of a word rapidly and effectively.

2)   Understanding The Letter – Sound Combinations

Listening aids in better understanding of anything we hear because while we listen we consciously try to place our complete attention towards the individual sounds in our surroundings to actually understand them or their sources.

The letter – sound combination strategy proposed the idea for a child to focus on phonetics of the word by listening to it, and try guessing it’s letter composition. It benefits in driving the focus of a child towards the phonetics rather than letters which will allow him / her to catch spellings of the words fast without actually memorizing them.

3)  Write A Sentence For Each Of The Spelling Word 

Making sentences out of words permits children to understand the meaning, and the use of the new words in regular conversations, which will result in the child’s rich vocabulary and high tendency to understand and communicate to the world.

Allow your child to make sentences out of his 8th grade spelling words so that he / she can learn and understand the meaning and application of the spelling words, and also, it will aid in learning the letter composition of the words.

4)  Look Up For A Word In Dictionary 

Dictionaries are known to be wide books of references containing a broad variety of words and their information in a specific language, and about a specific language. It showcases the words, also known to be (headwords) with their meanings, pronunciation, usage, etc in an alphabetical order.

Dictionary is a quite common item in every household, especially the one with children to help them learn the new words in their spelling test list with their meanings and accurate pronunciations and also the application of the spelling words.

Now how will searching for a word in a dictionary will help a child learn his spellings? It’s pretty simple that when your child will search for a word through a dictionary, he will start from letter by letter which will let him focus on the word content and then the wholesome information about the word will make it much easier to memorize and understand the word.

5)  Create Your Own Word Search Puzzle

We all are pretty aware of the fact that puzzles are the most fun way to workout your brain and improve brain functions and its focus. Solving puzzles is tricky, but it helps to increase IQ, improve skills to sort problems, and it also creates new brain connections.

Puzzles are enjoyed by both children and adults and why not? It helps in enhancing brain’s mental functions and is a great way to exercise your brain.

Word search can be a great way for your child to learn his/her spelling test for grade 8 and also exercising his/her brain.

Start by making a word search board, and hide your child’s test spelling words in it, and give that to him/her to search for the words and on finding a word color or circle the word.

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