Taxation Solutions for Effective Tax Benefits


Taxation Solutions for Effective Tax Benefits

Why is taxation right or is it at all? After all, taxation would seem to be precisely unfair to many. After all, it’s indecisive to first carve out round days and then take your own more. However, taxation plays an important role in the well-being and success of the community.

The Main Justification

The key justification for taxation is that it can guarantee fundamental human rights for all members of the community. There is also business sense here. The free market values ​​a person on the basis of the immediate benefit to him. If someone hangs out on the couch for days long playing computer games, he or she is not a useful player in a market economy.

The problem, however, is that if the immediate short-term benefit is a core value, we will sweep aside the phenomena that mature in the longer term but ultimately on a completely different scale. A computer player hanging on the couch might later get excited to set up his own gaming company and, well, the end is history. Without the basic security secured by taxation, this would not have been possible, and the couch should have been strained at counter years earlier.

The Equalizing Options

Taxation also equalizes income disparities. In my opinion, the value of the income gap debate is quite much less in terms of people’s well-being than we usually think. It’s the same kind of a neighbor drives if my own go-to game helps me do what I want to do in my life. Nevertheless, studies have shown that sharp income disparities correlate with many social problems. And if those who are in dire need of their own need can be equalized for those who have an acute emergency on a daily basis, well.

The Ethics of Taxation

It is precisely the ethics of taxation as a system that is supported by the fact that, although the majority of us would like to be in terrible solidarity, we often do not have it in practice. In the survey, we say that those who do worse must be taken care of. In practice, we are voting in favor of the opposite models. At the same time, keeping a business calculator for taxation is important.

A properly constructed tax system provides a systematic framework for automatically channeling some of our well-performing income streams to the common good. Due to the skew of the human mind, it is difficult to imagine that this would be possible, for example, through donations alone.

Finally, the tax debate often updates the fact that progressive taxation weakens the global competitiveness of Finns. However, this idea is quite one-eyed. It is based on the fact that the only effect of taxation is that it cuts profits. At the same time, however, taxation creates an invisible infrastructure that again also feeds business in ways that can be difficult to measure. A high level of education, a well-functioning infrastructure and innovation support systems all offer a unique competitive advantage in a global market.

Building the Companies

If companies had to build their own training systems, take care of road maintenance on their own stretch of road, and protect workers from spending the Friday night, we guess the cost would quickly rise sharply above the amount vaccinated by corporate tax and what about innovation then? If the tax-funded were to be run down, a large number of Finnish startups would get off track immediately. Now Finnish taxation offers a completely unique combination of excellence, great basic social services and support for the development of something new.


At a time when tax funds are being used smartly, there are also quite unique breakthroughs on a global scale, as yesterday’s news, for example, shows. It is therefore gratifying to note that these new generations of top entrepreneurs are precisely thinking that taxation is right.

With a system that automatically distributes our own to those who do not yet have it, we are building a society in which the fundamental human right to live a dignified life is realized and where there is room for growth for everyone’s potential. Societies where everyone can find direction in their lives and, with the support of the community, strive forward.

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