Best Instagram Marketing Practices to Build Your Audience


Among all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most reliable place to promote your business and build a long-term audience. There are billions of users scrolling through their Instagram feed who want to follow relevant and high-authority brands. In such a scenario, if you use Instagram effectively, you can easily grow your brand and acquire trustworthy customers. 

Best Instagram Marketing Practices to Build Your Audience

But, building a strong audience on Instagram is not the easiest task for any business. It can take several months and the right practices to make your profile reach out to the potential users and encourage them to follow your account. The good news is that by following a few effective marketing practices, you’ll be able to optimize your profile so that people follow it without any second thoughts. 

In this guide, we have decided to share such marketing practices to get free Instagram followers and build a strong social media presence for your brand. 

1. Set Up a Business Profile

If you are still using the traditional Instagram account for your brand, you are missing out on great opportunities. Setting up a business account will help your business’ growth in many ways. You can add a dedicated call-to-action for people to contact you through different mediums. 

Similarly, you can apply for business verification and get a blue badge for your account to make it high-authority. Believe it or not, but people always like to follow brands that are officially verified by Instagram. Why? Because verified accounts can’t be fake and they have a trust factor. As a result, random visitors are more likely to follow a verified account. 

In addition to this, setting up a business profile will also help you get a deep insight into your growth analytics. You’ll be able to track the progress of each post individually and determine what types of posts generally get better engagement. 

2. Post High-Quality Images and Videos

The easiest way to get free Instagram followers instantly is to publish high-quality and visually appealing content that can easily grab the user’s attention. Instagram is a visual platform and the more appealing pictures you post, the easier it’ll become to get people to follow your account. 

To do this, learn the basic photography skills such as using the right lighting setup, focusing on the subject, clicking landscape pictures, etc. You should also know how to edit images to enhance their overall quality and make them more captivating. When you’ll publish such high-quality content on Instagram, you’ll eventually see an increase in the follower count and you’ll be able to get highly engaged followers. 

3. Buy Instagram Followers

If you are looking for a quick way to build a strong audience on Instagram, simply go ahead and buy Instagram followers. Even though Instagram is against such transactions, buying followers can help you in many ways. When you’ll buy followers from a trusted platform, they’ll only provide 100% real and genuine Instagram followers. 

This way you can stay away from bots and get real Instagram followers without any effort. Buying followers is a suitable option for people who are looking forward to launching a new product/service and want more exposure. Before the launch date, you can buy Instagram followers and get the desired exposure for your latest products/services. 

4. Use All Instagram Features

If you want to use Instagram effectively, make it a habit to use all its features on a daily basis. You can’t build a loyal audience on Instagram by publishing one post each day. Instead, post multiple times a day and use IG Stories, Reels, IGTV videos, to boost your account’s customer interaction. 

Through IG stories, you can give a behind-the-scenes peek to your followers. Similarly, through IGTV videos, you can publish long tutorials on how to use your products/services. You can also use IGTV videos to share your opinion on a specific topic. Finally, you can post regular Instagram Reels to engage users with short video clips. Using all these Instagram features together will make it way easier to boost the organic growth of your Instagram account. 


Using Instagram for branding is no longer an option; it has become a necessity. Whether you are a YouTuber or a digital marketing expert, using Instagram will help you build a strong audience and acquire valuable customers.

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