Best UV Protection Sunglasses for Women


People are starting to focus on their health much more than before which reflects on the way to buy their eyewear. UV protection has become a standard so we are looking for something more besides an accessory. There are a lot of models that have some kind of protection but didn’t manage the ACS guidelines which assure the quality.

Protection Sunglasses for Women

When we want to find the best, we will look for safety features, comfort, look and how resistant they are. Feedback is usually the best way to check if something works great so top brands will make sure their customers are satisfied. The price range also matters so we will count it in while finding the best match.

Roka Mallorca Ultralight

Retro models are trending again this year and even if they aren’t your Chloe Sunglasses, Roka Mallorca pulled off a great design with a modern flair. As the name says, they are lightweight which can be worn on every occasion even as a stylish runner. They have anti-fog, anti-scratch, fingerprint-resistant properties. The only part that might not be appealing to you is the price which is over $150.

Warby Parker Nancy

If you have a round or oval face, this boxy frame will look amazing on you.  This model has a two-color variation including rose crystal and tortoise pattern which is becoming more popular as a part of the 70s trend. They have a more solid look so you can wear them with any type of clothing. Also, they are scratch-resistant and the price is between $50 and $150 depending on the store.

GQUEEN Mirrored Cat-Eye

They might remind you of some celebrities of the early 00s because most of them used oversized sunglasses but they are making a comeback this year. A great thing about them is the size which covers your eyes more and protects them better. For example, the reason why people that ski wears those goggles is to stop the UV rays from the reflective snow to bounce into their eyes.

This model has more benefits than others because of the price and the variety in color. They come in 14 mirrored shades and with an adjustable frame to make sure it fits everyone. You can even find them on Amazon for less than $50. They might not be as durable as other models but they are eco-friendly and waterproof.

Oakley Sutra

They might not be classy but this sporty design something that Oakley is proud of. They have been dominant in the industry and this model is recommended by many professionals athletes mostly cyclists. They have a wraparound style that covers your eyes from every direction for absolute protection. Check for more info here:

This doesn’t only mean that you will have protection from the sun but also from debris while you cycle. A con can be that the arms lack rubber grip and the price is a bit higher but if you can afford them and you love sports, they might be the choice for you. They are also the type that will be trending in a few years outside of sport.

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